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Lifelong – Episode 18

Episode 18 offers more insights from a panel of four outstanding industry practitioners, recorded at the Building a Professional-Personal Brand: Communication Careers Forum (2019).


Zythian – Prismatic‘ released by Argofox (used with permission)

Stay With Me‘ by Valesco (CC BY 3.0)

Special thanks to Cecilia Distefano, Coco Griffiths, Joe Bovalino, and Jez Hunghanfoo! You can connect with them respecitvely on Twitter at @ceedistefano, @cocolossil, @JoeBovalino, and @jezRSH.

Video recordings from this event are available for the presentations on networking and motivation by @EmilyGraceWade and how to navigate the job market by @SallyAtDeakin.

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